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Rob's Racketrestringing

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Monday, October 20, 2014

Tennis made easy!!!

Reminds me of myself when I was younger!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Professional Racket Stringers Course is back in Cork.

Rushbrooke LTC will be the venue once again for the Professional Stringer and Racket Technician course on Tuesday 4th November 2014. 

This will be an extended day  as we will be combining the two courses! 

The Professional Stringer syllabus covers all racket servicing skills and is aimed at beginners and experienced stringers alike. It's an ideal way to start off a successful stringing business and established stringers will always find new skills and knowledge. 

The Racket Technician course covers the skills and knowledge associated with customising rackets for the professional player or those with specific racket needs. Racket balancing, matching, changing overall weight, balance and swingweight, handle resizing, catering for Tennis Elbow and so on. 

The tutor will be Liam Nolan, UKRSA Technical Director and former Wimbledon Stringing Team manager. 

Its a 9am start and expect to get everything done by around 8.30pm. The cost for this special course is just €200 which is about half the usual price. 

For more information on what will be included and to arrange course fee payment, please email

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Tennis Ultimate Fitness -



Eimear Duignan is an EQF Level 4 qualified personal trainer and fitness coach based in Cork specializing in tennis fitness and athlete strength and conditioning.

As well as working with private clients and athletes Eimear is the Strength and Conditioning Coach for The UCC Tennis Team and has also established her own tennis fitness programming with Tennis Ultimate Fitness.

Eimear works with athletes of all ages in both one on one and group situations. She operates on a philosophy of specific programs for specific goals and works on developing three key playing aspects: footwork, explosive power, and endurance. Eimear believes that all players need to work on these aspects to ensure their game is at its strongest and to help prevent against injury.

Eimear is passionate about contributing to the development of the way in which Irish tennis players train and is dedicated to practicing the most up to date, innovative and effective training methods.


The game of tennis continues to develop; players are always getting stronger; they are hitting the ball with more power and covering more of the court. Therefore in order to keep up with this ever evolving standard the practice of strength conditioning and fitness training is a necessity for tennis players who want to be on top of their game.

MORE POWER: If a player is stronger they can deliver more powerful strokes. In training, strength is developed alongside velocity resulting the player’s power being enhanced. Simply put, specific strength training creates more powerful players.

BETTER ENDURANCE: Conditioning refers to a player’s ability to preform high quality efforts for the duration of an event. It is all well and good having a talent, but if a player lacks endurance they are unable to sustain their efforts and deliver their best game for longer periods. By training for endurance a player is safeguarding their staying power.

BETTER FOOTWORK: In tennis, fitness in specific areas such as footwork is paramount. Specific speed, agility and coordination training will give players better footwork and therefore a better basis for their game.

AIDS IN INJURY PREVENTION:  By strength training specific areas common to injury eg: shoulder, elbow, ankle, knee the chance of injury is lessened as specific muscles are better able to support joints and to preform in a powerful and repetitive nature.

IMPROVED MOTOR SKILLS: Resistance training improves nerve function and motor skills resulting in faster responses and better coordination on the court.

IMPROVED FLEXIBILITY: Training specific fitness aspects such as flexibility will allow players to become more dynamic as the body will be more responsive and agile allowing the player to make more difficult returns and shots.


Tennis Ultimate Fitness has been established to offer tennis specific strength, conditioning and fitness programs that are devised and delivered by an experienced professional who is qualified specifically in this type of training.

Through improving a player’s physicality Tennis Ultimate Fitness programs aim to ultimately develop three key tennis aspects:

1.     FOOTWORK:

This requires working on a player’s coordination, agility, and speed through specific devised drills.


This requires working on a player’s strength, speed, force and velocity. This is done through resistance training.


This requires working on a player’s conditioning and flexibility, and includes work on common injury sites such as s shoulder, ankles, knees etc in order to help prevent injury. This is achieved through a mixture of power, strength and cardiovascular drills.


Tennis Ultimate Fitness programs are offered on both a one-to-one and group basis and all programs devised with a “Specific programs for specific goals” philosophy in mind. This means that each program will be devised specifically for the group/ individual’s goals and current physical state.

Biomechanical, functional movement screening and fitness tests are performed on all athletes in order to establish a baseline and to track individual progress.

Once a starting point is identified goals, timelines and a structure is devised and the work begins!


Tennis Ultimate Fitness programs can be carried out at your club or venue of choice once there is appropriate space. Alternatively programs can be run at Fitnessworx Gym, Cork City.


If you are interested in Tennis Ultimate Fitness you can get in touch with Eimear via:

Phone: 085 125 1682

Twitter: @tennisuf