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Monday, April 30, 2012

Next Up - Bishopstown Senior Doubles.

Starting on the 6th of May is Bishopstown open doubles.  This is always a popular event and will no doubt attract good numbers again this year.

To keep up to date with schedules and scores you can click on the link below at any stage.

Bishopstown Schedule

Munster Open Vets Results

Finals day in Sundays Well was greeted with very tough conditions for tennis.  The wind was making live very difficult for all competitors, yet anyone who was there watching was treated to some top class tennis.

With the entry down on last year, the quality of the finals was definitely not affected.

The winners circle was filled with players from all over Munster in which Cork tennis was also well represented.

MS 35 - Rob Cummins V Silvio Di Blasi 6-3, 6-2
MD 35 - Rob Murphy/Liam O Brien V Derek Lane/Rob Leahy 3-6, 6-2, 10-4
Open Mixed - Deirdre McSherry/Rob Murphy V Grace Reidy/Derek Lane 5-7, 6-3,10-8
WS 40 - Deirdre McSherry V Un Ryle 4-6, 6-2, 10-4
WD 40 - Helen Barrett/Siobhan Riordan V Trudy Kennedy/Un Ryle 2-6, 7-5, 11-9
Veterans Mixed - Trudy Kennedy/Ron O Mahony V Louise Nestor/Hugh Nagle 6-4, 6-1
MS 45 - Joe Donovan V Dick McCarthy 6-3, 6-2
MD 45 - Joe Donovan/Pat Smith V Ron O Mahony/John Porter 6-2, 6-3
WS 50 - Connie Creed V Marjorie Lee 6-0, 2-6, 10-8
WD 50 - Grace Reidy/Connie Creed V Marjorie Lee/Ann Naughton 6-2, 6-2
Vintage Mixed - Marie Duffy/Mick Prendergast V Oonagh Levis/Gerry Cusack 7-5, 6-3
MD 55 - John Heffernan/Donal McGovern V Mick Prendergast/Dick McCarthy 7-5, 6-3
MD 65 - Brendan Boylan/Willie Hanover V Eddie Coakley/Fergus Walsh 6-3, 6-0.

Irelands First National Tennis Day.

To all Clubs looking for members !!!!

Tennis Ireland has announced Saturday 7th July as Ireland’s first National Tennis Day.

The idea behind this important initiative is simple: on July 7th tennis clubs should run an ‘Open Day’, where all comers are invited to come along and try the game. The purpose is to use the event as a way of actively recruiting new club members.

A number of clubs ran Open Days in 2011, and the response was universally positive, with new members bringing new income to clubs.

Tennis Ireland will generate national publicity for NTD, with a media launch towards the end of May (Date to be confirmed) , and countrywide radio coverage in late June. Each participating club should then focus on generating the local publicity that will ensure a good turnout on the day. A new website has been launched at, where you will find information and resources, and where clubs can sign up to participate in National Tennis Day.
I want to suggest the following course of action to all clubs:
1. Do all you can to ensure that your club hosts an Open Day on National Tennis Day (If busy on the 7th the 8th would also be a good option) . Talk to whomever you have to talk to at the club, and convince them how important this initiative is.

2. When the club has committed to hosting an Open Day, get involved in helping the club to run it in the most effective manner. Use the skills and expertise of all of the members in the club to ensure that the day is a great success.
National Tennis Day has the potential to directly boost the numbers of new club members which will in turn boost the revenue for the club . It can also help to introduce thousands of new players nationwide to the game we all love.

Yours in sport,

Conor O Callaghan,
Munster Regional Development Officer.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tennis Ireland\Munster Branch Roadshow Information now available.

Hi All ,

Hope you and your clubs are very busy with Tennis related activities coming into the summer months . Hopefully the showers will dis-appear and the sunshine will stay !

As you will remember Tennis Ireland in conjunction with Munster Branch held an information road show in Mitchlestown on March 28th . This event was very well attended on the night and we said that we would inform you when the information discussed on the night would be available on the Tennis Ireland Site .

All of the power points that were discussed on the night are now available at on the Tennis Ireland Web Site in PDF format . I would encourage you to download this information and read over it to make sure you and your club have the most up to date information on the projects that are going on Nationally and in the Munster Region .

Please click on the link below to download the document:

If you have any questions about any of the information please do not hesitate to contact me ,

Yours in Sport ,

Conor O Callaghan
Munster Regional Development Officer

Friday, April 20, 2012

Ankle Sprains - by Claire Griffin

This is the second article supplied by Physiotherapist, Claire Griffin.
I hope you find it as interesting as I have.

Ankle sprains

I’m sure that everybody knows at least one person who takes part in sport who has sustained a sprained ankle, as it is a very common sporting injury.  But a large percentage of the non-sporting population also suffer this injury .  The most common injury to the ankle is to the lateral (outside) aspect of it, usually damaging one or more ligaments (tissues that attach from bone to bone), giving rise to what is called a sprain.  A lateral ankle sprain usually results from “going over” on the ankle, in which the foot is inverted and plantarflexed.  In other words, the foot is turned inward, with the toes pointing downwards towards the floor.  This may result from awkward placement of the foot e.g. coming down a step awkwardly, landing awkwardly on the foot after jumping, or landing on another player’s foot during sport.  They are commonly seen in activities requiring rapid changes in direction (such as basketball, football, rugby), especially if these take place on an uneven surface such as grass.

The mechanism of injury is an important clue to diagnosis following an ankle sprain.  A Chartered Physiotherapist can diagnose with ease what structures are damaged.  An inversion injury suggests lateral ligament damage and an eversion injury (in which the foot is turned outward, with the arch closest to the floor) suggests medial (inside) ligament damage.  Lateral sprains are more common than medial sprains as the medial ligament (also known as the deltoid ligament) is much stronger than the lateral ligament, and is composed of two layers (Brukner and Khan, 1997).

Ankle sprains may commonly be accompanied by an audible snap, crack or tear, which, although is of great concern to the athlete sustaining the injury, is of no diagnostic significance in the case of ankle injuries (Brukner and Khan, 2007).  Depending on the severity of the injury, the athlete may continue to play or may have to rest immediately.  Swelling is usually immediate.  Ligament injuries may be mild, moderate or severe (Reid, 1992).

So how is it managed?

It is imperative that a correct diagnosis as to the severity of the injury is obtained from a Chartered Physiotherapist, as this will guide rehabilitation and prevent prolonged injury and delayed return to sport.  If a fracture is suspected, a Chartered Physiotherapist will advise an Xray.

Immediate management (24 – 48hours) involves PRICE (Protection Rest Ice Compression Elevation to limit pain and swelling that may cause damage within the ankle joint and restrict range of motion.  The injured athlete should avoid promoting swelling and excessive blood flow to the region such as hot showers, alcohol, and excessive weight-bearing.  If mobility is painful, the patient may use crutches to mobilise.

After 48 hours, progressive weight-bearing is encouraged as from this point onwards, helps to reduce swelling, increase ankle motion and enhances rehabilitation (Brukner and Khan, 2007).  Early mobility is essential to increase ligament strength and restore function (Eiff, Smith and Smith, 1994) and can be done without aggravating the injury.  If crutches are being used, partial weight-bearing may be initiated in normal heel-toe gait pattern, gradually progressing to using one crutch (using the crutch on the opposite side to the injured ankle), then full weight-bearing without a crutch.


Non-weight-bearing active strengthening exercise can begin using a theraband to improve plantarflexion, dorsiflexion (moving foot and toes upwards towards the ceiling), inversion and eversion.  Weight-bearing exercise (e.g. calf raises, wobble board exercises) begins as pain allows, preferably from the second day after injury.  Proprioceptive training is an extremely important part of the rehabilitation.   Proprioception describes the joint’s ability to determine position, motion, vibration and pressure.  This is impaired after injury, lending to impaired balance and decreased coordination.  Research has proven that improved proprioception increases ankle joint stability and decreases recurrent ankle sprains (Ross et al, 2007).  This begins with balancing on the injured leg, and progresses to balance work on a mini trampoline.  As rehabilitation progresses, functional exercises (sport-specific) are included e.g. jumping, running in a figure-of-eight.  The athlete can return to sport when functional exercises can be completed without pain during or after activity.


Brukner P and Khan K 2007 Clinical Sports Medicine.  Pain: where is it coming from?  pp 27 – 33.  3rd edn.  McGraw Hill: Sydney

Eiff MP, Smith AT, Smith GE 1994 Early mobilisation versus immobilisation in the treatment of lateral ankle sprains.  American Journal of Sports Medicine 22: 83 - 88

Reid DC 1992 Sports Injury Assessment and Rehabilitation.  Churchill Livingstone, Edinburgh

Ross SE, Arnold BL, Blackburn JT, Brown CN, Guskiewicz KM 2007 Enhanced balance associated with coordination training with stochastic resonance stimulation in subjects with functional ankle instability: an experimental trial.  Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation 17:4:47 

Friday, April 13, 2012

A Legend of Irish Tennis Retires.

Irish Tennis has so much to thank Conor Niland for over recent years.

The end of a career happens to everybody and it is a sad day when it arrives but it is not made easier when it is forced upon you.

Conor Niland retired yesterday from Professional tennis due to an ongoing problem with his hips.  Following on from the most successful year of any Irish player, Conor had high hopes of progressing on to bigger things this year.

How you can get bigger than playing in Wimbledon and the US Open is a tough task but anyone who knows Conor will know that conquering tough tasks was what he was all about.

I have seen Conor play on many occasions, going back to his junior days, and he is and always was a role model for the future stars of Irish tennis.  His behaviour on court was always exemplary and his dedication to his sport was second to none.  He was happy to play his part on any of the teams he was involved with, whether it be Interpros or Davis Cup and because of this I have no doubt if Conor gets involved in Irish Tennis going forward it can only mean success.

I wish Conor the best for the future, congratulate him on his career and thank him for putting Irish tennis firmly on the map.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

South of Ireland Omni Court Championships 2012.

Well another successful start to the season for Rushbrooke Tennis Club.  With over 260 entries for the weekend, tennis is in a healthy state if this tournament is anything to go by.
And with 10 out of 21 finals going the distance, competition for titles is going to be very difficult indeed.

A big congratulations to Colum Stack, captain of Rushbrooke Tennis Club, on running a very friendly and well organised event on his first event.  It promises to be a good year in Rushbrooke with Colum organising things.


WS 1: Niamh Coveney V Rachel Daly 6-1/6-0
MS 1: Paul Fitzgerald V David Gardiner 7-6/6-4
WS 4-5-6: Christina Broderick V Ger O Callaghan 6-4/1-6/7-5
MS 4-5-6: Damien O Donovan V Vitalijis Sadauskas 6-4/6-4
MD 1: Paul Fitzgerald/Rob Leahy V Conor Kelly/Duncan Cronin 6-2/4-6/6-2
MX 1: Niamh Coveney/Paul Fitzgerald V Danielle Geary/Conor Kelly 6-7/6-0/6-1
WD 2: Grace Reidy/Connie Creed V Siobhan Murray/Clodagh Fitzgerald 1-6/6-3/6-3
MD 2: Mark Hannon/Sam Thompson V Aylmer Barrett/Derek Lane 5-7/6-4/6-3
MX 2: Aine Kiernan/Jimmy Murphy V Joanna/Mark O Riordan 6-4/6-1
WD 3: Marian Goggin/Suzanne Hayes V Paula Mulcahy/Monica Twomey 6-2/2-6/6-3
MD 3: Cliff/David Carroll V Nick Cloke/Jeremy Forde 6-4/4-6/6-1
MX 3: Suzanne Hayes/Shahzad Hussain Khan V Deborah Wallace/Owen Morgan 6-3/6-4
WD 4: Catherine Griffin/Karen McBarron V Helena O Brien/Joan O Sullivan 6-2/6-3
MD 4: Declan Alton/Padraig Mullane V Ger O Mahony/Rob Murphy 6-7/6-1/6-2
MX 4: Michelle Khan/Colm McDonagh V Lynda O Mahony/Joe Hanly 6-2/7-5
WD 5: Karen Holmes/Sheila Stokes V Anne Burke/Eilish Gormley 6-4/6-4
MD 5: Alan O Sullivan/Ross O Connor V Paul McCarthy/Nigel Parker 7-6/6-2
MX 5: Ros Crotty/Nigel Smith V Sheila Daly/John Barry 6-2/4-6/6-1
WD 6: Cathy Duggan/Aisling O Callaghan V Claire Murray/Elaine Merry 2-6/6-3/6-1
MD 6: Jeremy Glennon/Mark Rhys Davies V Anthony Horgan/Michael Walsh 6-4/6-4
MX 6: Ceira Coveney/Christopher O Connell V Cathy/Eamonn Duggan 6-4/6-2.

Three players picked up points for the Babolat Cork Tennis League from their results in the is tournament:
Sheila Stokes - 8 points

Friday, April 6, 2012

Babolat Cork Tennis League

The league has begun this weekend and the entrants to date are:

Maria O Reilly
Tanya Gargan
Ann O Hea
Linda Murphy
Eadaoin O Riordan
Sheila Stokes
Majella Daly
Liz Moore
Karen Barry
Trish O Leary

James Cooney
Conor Kelly
Aidan Cotter
Kevin Day
Peter Howie
Brian Hennessy
Jason Preston
Shahzad Hassain Khan
John Murphy
Tim Ryan
Christopher Sheppard

Entries will be accepted throughout the season, but results won't be backdated so enter early.
The next counting event is Bishopstown open Doubles.

Rushbrooke Easter Open is Underway

The first open of the year is underway at Rushbrooke and it's a big one. With over 260 entrants it's proving to be a busy weekend in Cobh.

So far the weather has being good and the tennis hasn't disappointed either and with a full schedule ahead for the next two days to be ready for finals day on Monday, there is lots of tennis to be played.

If you're looking for something to do this weekend you could do a lot worse than to pop into Rushbrooke.  You can be sure of a welcome reception and some very entertaining matches in what has to be one of the best clubs around (a bit biased I know, but I'm not wrong either).

Tomorrow's matches begin at 9am and run all day long.  To see the schedule click here.

Also underway this weekend is the Babolat Cork tennis league.  Players can enter the league at any stage during the season but results won't be backdated so the earlier you enter the better.

For more information on entering you can contact me on 086-8215333 or

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend and I would like to say best of luck to Colum and his team for the weekend ahead.