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Rob's Racketrestringing

Friday, June 14, 2019

Professional Stringing Service Available this Summer


I will be home in Cork for July and August this year and will be available to string rackets if anyone requires it.

I am constantly updating my skills and qualifications and am currently certified with 2 associations:

ERSA Pro Tour Level 1 Stringer
USRSA Master Racket Technician

What these qualifications mean for you is a professional service and personalised advice.

One of the biggest problems with people stringing is they don't understand that not all strings suit all rackets or players.  This can lead to a drop in performance or worse still an injury.

If you would like to avail of my stringing service or just find out more about stringsd you can give me a call on 087-1528120 (number will be active from the 30th of June) or come and visit me in Carrigaline Tennis Club where I will be stringing for the ITF under 18 event.

Hope to see you soon.


Learn to String with ERSA Ireland


As the Training Manager for ERSA (European Racket Stringers Association) Ireland I will be holding courses in Cork and Dublin this August.

The course will teach you about strings, rackets, which compliment each other, you will also learn the proper stringing techniques and patterns to suit each racket.

If you are already a stringer and want to stand out from the rest then you can do the Professional Stringers Exam.

Please note attending a course DOES NOT QUALIFY you as a professional stringer.

ERSA is the leading stringing association around the world and has various stages of qualifications to suit your requirements, whether it is quality string, racket customising or pro tour level stringing.

For more information on these courses and exams you can email me on or send me a whatsapp message on 00974-66223047.

I will be available on my Irish number from the 30th of June, 087-1528120.

Hope to see you there.