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Monday, October 17, 2011

Plenty Happening in Youghal Tennis Club.

New Members Promo: please contact Frank Delaney (0868406848) for details about an exciting special new rate for becoming a member.

SVP Christmas tournament: This will be held on Sunday November 27th at 11am - our club is located on Kilcoran Rd Youghal beside the Strand Church. All proceeds go towards the Society of St. Vincent de Paul's fighting poverty campaigns. Only €5 to take part, and everybody is welcome then to a tenacious morning's tennis.  

Junior Coaching: Martin Cusack is available Sundays from 10am 'til 2.30pm and this will continue into November.

Junior Competition: Just to remind all that the juniors will continue to play every Saturday, weather permitting. As usual there has been an excellent turn out and we thank you for your continued commitment.

Easter Bank Holiday weekend (31/10):
There will be no junior competition or coaching taking place. Enjoy the festivities!

TRETORN TENNIS BALLS: To avoid anyone in the Youghal area having to make the trip to Dungarvan, "Sport and Leisure" in Youghal now stock these.

Please join us at 7.30pm every Thursday for scintillating social tennis which is open to members and non members alike. We look forward to seeing you then!
Check our FACEBOOK page (Youghal Lawn Tennis Club) for Club Night photos!

Any comments or queries: Facebook "Youghal Lawn Tennis Club", email

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bishopstown Open Vets Doubles 2011

The 2012 Vets selection starts here!

A lot of players will be coming into this event with confidence high following Munsters' win in the 2011 Interpros.

Places will need to be defended, new comers will want to fight their way onto next years team which is looking to make it 3 in a row.  It's all to play for and all starts again at Bishopstown.

Entries are now being taken online until the 8th of October, don't delay.

You can enter here.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tennis Talk Available to All Clubs



As part of my job selling rackets and restringing, I come across a large number of the tennis community daily.

And it concerns me that the information a lot of these people have acquired, either through their own interpretation of something or the advice they have being given is wrong.

Using the correct racket and the most suitable strings for your style of game can make a huge difference to your game.

If a talk on these and other topics is of interest to you, contact me with the best person to talk to in your club to organise such an event.

Contact me at or 0868215333.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Great New Tennis Book Available.

I have just received and read a great new book which is a must for anyone involved in coaching or on committees.  It was written be Peter Farrell and goes through in detail how to make your club a successful and vibrant facility.

The book is called "Directing Tennis Programmes" and it covers topics such as Club Programmes, The Role of a Coach, Child Protection and Risk Management, Marketing, Working with Parents and many more relevant topics that you will come across regularly when working as a coach or as part of your clubs committee.

This is an adapted extract from Peter Farrell’s new book Directing Tennis Programmes. For further information, contact Peter at

Children can only play tennis with their parents support. Who else is going to pay for their club membership, equipment and coaching? Parental support is crucial in getting children interested in tennis in the first place. Once a young player has become involved in the game and the club, parents are still hugely influential in getting their child to sign up for events, tournaments, and coaching, then transporting them to the venues. Some parents will be experienced players who have been around tennis for many years. But for others the game will be a `foreign field`, and they will need support and guidance to negotiate the difficulties ahead. Nobody would criticize a child for not knowing how to read on the first day of school – why would anyone expect parents to know exactly what to do and not to do from day one?

1. Keep winning and losing in perspective.
It is easy and tempting to equate success in tennis with the number of matches won and lost, and to assume that losing is always bad. In fact winning too much as a junior can actually harm a player’s development – constant winners have no yardstick with which to measure what they need to do in order to improve.

2. Make sure tennis is fun.
I always remember an article I read many years ago, shortly after Bjorn Borg retired in his mid 20`s. When asked why he had given up at such a young age, he said “it wasn’t fun anymore”. If it needed to be fun at his level, it certainly needs to be fun at junior level!

3. Emphasize the achievement of individual objectives.
Ambitions in tennis can range anywhere between wanting to win Wimbledon to getting some exercise once or twice a week. It is up to each player to decide what they want to get out of the game, and each decision is perfectly valid for that individual.

4. Keep your child involved in tennis.
Progression to a competent level can be a mid to long-term goal for some players. If a child is struggling with the game, a parent must find ways to keep him or her involved and interested. Always stress that tennis is a sport for a lifetime – in the USA there are tournaments for player’s aged 90 and over!

5. Be sensitive in what you say to your child after a match.
Win or lose, it is generally best for a parent to give a player some time alone after the competitors shake hands. While parents are often anxious to make what they see as relevant points, most players like to reflect for a while on a match before discussing it.

6. Get on court!
Children love the fact that they can rally with and against their parents. Make sure you use the correct ball for your child's age and standard (see for details).

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Babolat Cork Tennis League Mens Winner

Congratulations to James Cooney on winning the Babolat Cork Tennis League Mens Section.
James collected his prize of 2 rackets, a racket bag, shoes, t-shirt, shorts and socks today.
After a long tournament season it came down to the last event with 3 men in the running for the top prize.  Due to a bad planning one of the 3 eliminated himself so 2 remained.  And the semi final of the Mens doubles grade 4 became the Babolat Cork Tennis League Mens final between James and Tim Ryan.  After a nervous affair James and his partner came through and that win ensured James won the league. 
Well done James and watch out for details of next years event in the near future. 
A big thank you to Babolat for sponsoring this event.

Inaugural All Ireland Senior Team Tennis Open Championships

Limerick Lawn Tennis Club will host a new event in the Irish Tennis calendar over the forthcoming October bank holiday weekend . 

Officially launched on Monday 26th September by Club President Judith McGill and All Ireland Team committee in the preseence of sponsor Jim Upton.

The Format is mens and ladies teams of 4 or you may enter as an individual and we will put you in a team.  It is a knockout competition, but there will be a plate event so each team is guaranteed at least 2 matches which is 4 games.  

The entry fee is €20 per person and entry forms will be available from Thursday.  You can contact me through the blog or go to the events facebook page to get entry forms.

A list of accommodation which will be at a reduced rate will be available shortly again on the face book page which you can find by searching for the title of this post.  

All grades catered for 1-2 , 2 , 3 ,4 , 5-6. Ideal tournament to enter as part of an introduction to tennis or an elite player. 

Mr Upton said he was delighted to be associated with the Inaugural All Ireland Team Tennis Tournament and to link the new tournament with a new product using the slogan ' Make Christmas Magic with Magic Turkey Bags'. 

A programme of clubhouse entertainment along with Happy Hours and food offerings is being planned for the holiday weekend . A fun filled action packed weekend of fun and tennis in store !!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

The King retires

Irish tennis has lost one of it's recent stars to retirement.  A decision that wasn't entirely his own.  Irish tennis has taken huge strides forward in recent years and now has a foundation to produce stars of the future to follow in Barry's footsteps.

Unfortunately, like Conor Niland mentioned in his interview on The Late Late Show, professional tennis is an expensive occupation and at the moment Irish players aren't receiving any assistance in pursuit of their dreams and this contributed in part to Barry's decision.

This doesn't bode well for our sport and hopefully between The Sports Council and Lottery funding our future stars will be given a bit more support than our current crop of professional players.

The following is an article which appeared today in the Irish Times sports section and is a fitting tribute to one of our top players.
Congratulations Barry and best of luck in your future career.

"King ends professional career
Tennis: Irish Davis Cup player Barry King has today announced his retirement from professional tennis at the age of 26. Having exhausted his financial resources and with a series of niggling injuries holding him back from progressing further up the rankings, King felt there was little option but to pull to plug on his professional career at this stage.
He admitted: “Having spent nearly three years on the professional circuit and achieved many of goals, I am now eager to resume my business career. I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the professional tour, particularly the time I spent as part of the Irish Davis Cup squad.
“I now look forward to channelling the energy I brought to these matches into new pursuits. I will always be passionate about Irish tennis and wish to continue to contribute to this development in any way possible.
King achieved a career high ranking of 600 in November 2009 and has been a member of the Irish Davis Cup team since 2010. The former Gonzaga schoolboy was Ireland’s Davis Cup hero in July this year when he defeated Anis Ghorbel to win the Davis Cup Euro/Africa Zone Group II play-off against Tunisia on a 3-2 score line.
King accounted for Ghorbel in straight sets 7-6 6-2 6-1 to claim the fourth singles match and overall victory at Riverview. Irish Davis Cup Captain Garry Cahill said: “Barry’s retirement is a huge blow for Irish tennis. He has had a really impressive career to date and he is a proven match winner in international competition.
We acknowledge his enormous talent and while his retirement is a setback, we understand very well his decision. He has been an inspiration for all the junior members of the BNP Paribas National Tennis Academy and we all wish him the very best of luck in his future ventures.”

Senior Open Season ends with Bandon Open

Well another summer of opens has come to an end, and what a way to finish.

Finals day at Bandon provided some very tough and competitive matches and despite the weather finished on time.

Looking through the results some of the finalists have appeared in other finals throughout the year and will surely be upgraded next year, probably to the relief of some of their opponents.

Well done to all who won and got to finals in Bandon and congratulations to the organising committee on another very successful tournament.

MD3 - Niall Cloke/Kieran Hackett V Aidan Cotter/Eoin Moynihan 6-3, 3-6, 6-3
WD3 - Karen Barry/Joanna Riordan V Marion Healy/Monica Williams 6-3, 6-1
MX3 - Karen Barry/Jonathon Mulcahy V Louise Nestor/Niall Cloke 6-1, 3-6, 6-4
MD4 - James Cooney/Kevin Day V Ed Condren/Des Greene 6-3, 6-7, 6-4
WD4 - Deirdre Duboy/Monica Twomey V Jo Cahalane/Jenny Warren 6-2, 6-3
MX4 - Monica Twomey/Rob Jenkins V Sandra Higgins/Tom Reidy 6-4, 4-6, 6-4
MD5 - Conor Ahern/Michael O Driscoll V Ray McDonald/John Murphy 7-5, 6-4
WD5 - Jo Cahalane/Jenny Warren V Teresa O Donovan/Jacqui O Mahony 6-2, 6-1
MX5 - Bridgett Webb/Frank Delaney V Liz Brosnan/Liam O Regan 3-6, 7-6, 7-6
MD6 - James Cooke/Liam Kelleher V Declan Casey/Ivan McCutcheon 6-0, 6-1
WD6 - Martina O Sullivan/Brenda Crowley V Majella Daly/Linda Murphy 6-1, 6-1
MX6 - Majella Daly/Ray McDonald V Karen Holmes/Jason Preston 6-3, 6-0.

The truth!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

D - Day for the mens winner of the Babolat Cork Tennis League

The Mens Grade 4 semi finals in Bandon will decide the mens winner of the Babolat Cork Tennis League.

Tim Ryan and James Cooney are both on 21 points and they meet this afternoon in a semi final, with more than just a spot in the final at stake.

The winner gets for himself, from Babolat, 2 tennis rackets, a pair of shoes, a t-shirt, shorts, socks and a racket bag to hold them all, not bad for a seasons work.

The ladies winner was Sheila Stokes.

I'll be in touch to organise the prizes soon guys.

Best of luck to both Tim and James this afternoon.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Babolat Cork Tennis League

Here is the updated table with one tournament to go:

MensJames Cooney - 21points
Tim Ryan - 21points
Conor Ahern - 13points
Piotr Czarnecki - 5points

WomenSheila Stokes - 26points
Trish O Leary - 13points.

The mens event goes down to the last tournament where Conor would need 2 wins and hope the guys above him don't win.. Bad choice of partner there Conor as a 2 wins would keep Tim ahead of you.

Tim and James are in one event each and all going to plan they meet in the semi's to decide who wins the mens title.

Congratulations to Sheila Stokes on winning the womens event.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Senior Vets win back to back Interpros

The Senior Vets Interpros were held last weekend in Sundays Well tennis club and even though the weather wasn't favourable the quality of tennis was still of a very high standard.

The matches were very competitve and the new format again proved it's worth in providing a very close fought battle to the end.

After the first afternoons play Munster and Leinster were tied on 11 matches each out of a possible 16.

Play began Saturday morning with all teams knowing there was still a lot of tennis to be played and 32 points up for grabs.

The new format doesn't have just one province playing another, it has three of the four age groups playing different provinces. This means until the last ball is hit on Saturday evening you don't know how you have done against any one province.

After the mornings matches, Leinster and Munster were still tied having picked up 12 points each.

With the afternoon session left it was all to play for and the Munster players were determined to defend the title for the first time in their history (we think!). Players and spectators alike spent the afternoon trying to figure out how the scores were tallying up. While we were able to calculate Munster's scores, finding out how Leinster were doing was proving a bit more difficult. This all added to the excitement.

Last year when Munster won, there were a few comments about our team being illegal as we played a few people down an age group. An argument which if you sit down and think about it, is quiet ridiculous as a player could be giving away as many as 9 years. How is that an advantage?

Well this year not only was the team legal but Munster retained their title by the narrowest of margins, two points.

This was a magnificent achievement and the plan now is to go for the hat-trick in Connaught next year. Well done to all.

Ballinlough Senior Open Results

MX3 - Karen BArry/Jonathon Mulcahy V Berni Kenny/Paul O Callaghan 6-1, 5-7, 6-0
MD4 - Martin Bourke/Kenny Ding V Dan Linihan/Vladimir Shevchenko 2-6, 6-3, 6-3
LD4 - Sandra Higgins/Nime Stfansson V Tara Mukerjee/Monica Twomey 7-5, 2-6, 6-2
MX4 - Deirdre Duboy/Kevin Moynihan V Catherine McCarthy/Niall Coonan 6-0, 6-1
MD5 - Dan Linihan/Vladimir Shevchenko V Tom Fannon/NIgel Smith 6-1, 6-4
LD5 - Catherine Griffin/Maria O Keeffe V Maria Crowley/Ann Humphries 6-2, 6-4
MX5 - Ann Humphries/Liam Murphy V Mary Woulfe/Con Sheehan 6-4, 7-6
MD6 - Martin Hurley/Tony Lyons V Tim O Leary/John Underwood 6-2, 0-6, 6-1
LD6 - Carmel o Hea/Linda St.Ledger V Tina Bushe/Shirley Kenneally RET.
MX6 - Therese Crowley/Joe McSweeney V Teresa Lynch/Brian Hennessy 7-6, 6-1.

Congratulations to all the winners and runners up and to the organising committee of Ballinlough tennis club on another very successful tournament.

East Cork Senior Open Results

Here are the results for the East Cork Senior Open which finished recently in Lower Aghada Tennis Club.

MD1 - Duncan Cronin/Conor Kelly V Vince Lawton/Rob Murphy 6-4, 6-2
LD1/2 - Marie Duffy/Mary Claire McCarthy V Liz Clifford/Karen Higgins 6-4, 6-1
MD2 - Paul Flynn/Ger Sheehan V VInce Lawton/Donal Neary 6-4, 6-2
MD3 - Aidan Cotter/Keith Kenny V James Cooney/Leo Lyons Troy 1-6, 6-3, 7-5
LD3 - Karen Barry/Joanna O Riordan V Marian Gargan/Monica Williams 7-5, 6-0
MX3 - Carol Daly/Niall Ahern V Nick Cloke/MArgaret Roche 6-2, 6-4
MD4 - Tony Lawlor/Jonathon Mulcahy V Kevin Day/Leo Lyons Troy 6-4, 7-5
LD4 - Dara Carberry/Sandra Higgins V Cathy Dorrian/Susan Hamel 6-7, 7-6, 6-2
MX4 - Trish O Leary/James Cooney V Maggie Brosnan/Declan Whelan Curtin 6-2, 6-1
MD5 - Conor Ahern/Michael O Driscoll V John Barry/John O Neill 3-6, 6-1, 6-3
LD5 - Majella Blackburn/Liz O Brien V Catherine Griffin/Caroline Lawlor 1-6, 6-3, 6-3
MX5 - Naomi & Ray O Sullivan V Bridget Webb/Frank Delaney 6-1, 3-6, 6-0
MD6 - Com BUrke/Donal McCarthy V Darragh Fitzgerald/George Ross 6-4, 7-6
LD6 - Karen Holmes/Linda Murphy V Tina Bushe/Siobhan Cronin 6-3, 7-5
MX6 - Linda & John Murphy V Sally Hayes Diarmuid Cronin 3-6, 6-4, 6-3

Babolat Cork Tennis League points:
James Cooney - 10 points
Trish O Leary - 5 points

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Veterans Interpros comes to Cork.

Sundays Well Tennis Club will host the Veterans Interpros on Friday and Saturday the 9th and 10th of September. Play will commence Friday afternoon around 3pm (time to be confirmed).

Last year Munster won the Interpro Championships for the first time in 10 years and will be doing their best to retain the title.
Pressure will be on though, as rumour has it Leinster didn't like losing and have a packed team travelling to Cork with the intention of winning back the title.

This is where we need your support. the atmosphere at interpros is always great and this Munster team is hoping the people of Cork will come out and make some noise.

You will be guaranteed an entertaining weekends tennis with some excellent matches to watch.

The Team:
Louise Carmody, Jennifer Ann Mulholland, Toni O Keeffe.
Rob Cummins, Derek Lane, Stan Dvorsky, Rob Leahy.

Trudy Kennedy, Deirdre McSherry, Carmel Daly, Juliann Foley O'Neill.
Rob Murphy, Willie Reynolds, Paddy McGrath, Barry McCarthy.

Ger Flynn, Un Ryle, Niamh Kennedy, Grace Reidy.
Des Dillon, Liam O Brien, Joe Smyth, Joe Donovan.

Marie Duffy, Gail O'Meara, Ann Naughton, Connie Creed.
Pat Smith, Pat Coleman, Martin Ormond, Ron O'Mahony.

Non playing Captain: Alice Fawsitt.
Best of luck to all involved.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Great Article from the New York Times Tennis Blog.

Tennis in Ireland has struggled to get coverage from the Irish Media something that has annoyed me for a long time. This is an article from the New York Times Tennis Blog, hopefully some sports reporters see this and think maybe tennis is worth covering.

At the Open, Two Players from Ireland Make History
When Novak Djokovic steps onto the court for his first round match at this year’s Open, it’ll be his New York debut as world number one, but it will be the unfamiliar player on the other side of the net who will be making history. That man is Conor Niland, a 29-year-old Irishman, who, together with countryman Louk Sorensen, will be the first Irish players ever to compete in the main draw of the U.S. Open.

“We’re pretty certain in saying that no Irish player has made it into the U.S. Open main draw,” said Des Allen, the C.E.O. of Tennis Ireland, who is at the moment stuck in Dublin due to Hurricane Irene, trying to find a flight to New York for the Open.

Allen said that this is probably the biggest thing to happen to Irish tennis since 1983; that was the year Ireland made it into the world group of the Davis Cup and faced John McEnroe and the rest of the U.S. team in Dublin. The Irish team was then led by Louk Sorensen’s father, Sean, and an Irish-American named Matt Doyle. Doyle was born in the U.S. and competed in the main draw of the Open on four occasions–but at that time he hadn’t yet obtained Irish citizenship.

The Irish lost to the Yanks, 4-1, but Doyle gave the home crowd a thrill by beating Eliott Teltscher, who was then a top ten player, leveling the tie at 1-1 on the opening day.
“At the time, the movie ‘E.T.’ was big, and the Irish crowd was taunting Telscher, yelling ‘E.T. go home!’” recalled Allen, who was in attendance that day.

But Irish tennis fans have had little to cheer about since that moment nearly 30 years ago. Tennis is considered a second tier sport in Ireland, well behind soccer, Gaelic football, hurling and rugby in terms of popularity and participation. Allen estimates that there are only about 2,000 tennis courts in the country and about 150,000 players. Allen said that so far the Irish press hasn’t taken much interest in their two homegrown players at the Open, but he hopes that Niland’s match against Djokovic might galvanize them to take an interest in the sport, particularly if it’s scheduled during the day in New York, so Irish fans don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to watch it.

Niland grew up in Limerick, the hometown of Frank McCourt, and trains at Tennis Ireland’s National Academy in Dublin, which boasts seven indoor courts with a surface that is “nearly identical” to that of Flushing Meadows, according to Allen. Niland has spent much of the last four years competing on the challenger circuit, after playing for four years at University of California at Berkeley, toiling in places like Sarajevo, Casablanca, and Savannah, amongst hundreds of other cities.

He peaked at #129 last year and fought his way through the qualifying tournament to make the main draw of Wimbledon this year. He narrowly missed a chance to play Roger Federer, after failing to close out a 4-1 lead in the fifth set against Adrian Mannarino. Before that showing, Niland had never made it out of the qualifying rounds at a major and the closest he’s come to facing top ten talent is some sparring sessions with Andy Murray. Nonetheless, Allen believes that Niland won’t be “undone” by Djokovic, who has lost just two matches all year.

“It’s a wonderful draw and I think that’s how Conor feels about it, it’s a huge opportunity,” Allen said. “Almost certainly it will be on Arthur Ashe, and no matter what level you’re at or who you are, the idea of playing the world number one in front of 20 odd thousand people is something that Conor won’t be shying away from.”

Allen said he believes that the crowd is likely to be on Niland’s side.

“I don’t know how popular Djokovic is in New York, he’s had his ups and downs there,” he said. “I think Conor may very well have the majority of support in the stadium, particularly if the match gets a little tight.”
Anyone predicting a Niland victory over Djokovic would probably be accused of tucking into a bit too much green beer, but no matter what the result is, the publicity can only help Irish tennis.

Louk Sorensen, ranked #618 in the world, is also not likely to be picked by many to upset his first round opponent, the sixth seed, Robin Soderling. Sorensen, who grew up in County Cork and has an Irish father and German mother, nearly quit the sport earlier this year after being plagued by a variety of injuries over the last few years, but decided to give it one more go after regaining his health and form this spring.

The 26-year-old won a round at the Australian Open last year but has played mostly on the challenger circuit. He barely squeaked into the qualifying tournament but after beating three opponents will have more recent match play than Soderling, who hasn’t played in a hard-court tournament since March.

No matter what the results, the long Irish drought at the Open is over. The press in Ireland still may devote more space to Rory McIlroy’s romance with women’s tennis’ number one, Caroline Wozniacki, but Allen thinks that the sport has a bright future in the Emerald Isle.

“The statistics are stacked against us, but this is a huge platform for Irish tennis,” he said.

If he can’t find a flight to New York, Allen will be watching Ireland’s two native sons, even if that means staying up all night staring at his computer screen in bed.

“For a fanatic like me, it may be the only way,” he said.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ballinlough Open starting soon

Ballinlough Open is due to get underway soon and entries are still being taken.

To enter online click here.

Ballinlough have built this tournament up over the years to be one of the most enjoyable on the calender.
Their hospitality and friendliness is second to none and this is always reflected in their entries.

For a very enjoyable week whether you are playing or not why not drop into the club from the 1st of September to the 10th of September and you will be made feel very welcome and will get to enjoy some very good tennis.

Interfirm In Rushbrooke

Calling all tennis players: Teams are coming through for the Inter-firm in aid of the Irish cancer society. To enter use the on-line link above or contact Eamonn Crotty on 087-9863805 or entry forms are available from the bar.
Anybody not part of a team and wishing to play can also send in their details and they will be put into a team. Please note that all proceeds from this event are going to the Irish cancer society.

Eamonn, his family and friends are putting a lot of time and energy into fund raising for the Irish Cancer Society.
This is one of many events they organise to help raise funds and all have being very successful with a lot of money raised to date.

If you can lend your support in anyway, either by entering a team or coming down and supporting the event please do so.

East Cork Senior Open Underway

The East Cork Senior Open is on at Lower Aghada tennis club since Sunday.
This is an all doubles event and should provide some very competitive matches.

To keep to date with scores and to check the schedule click here.

Douglas Senior Open Singles Tournament

I love the idea of this tournament, a singles only event.  Even though I have yet to play in it, I think it is a great idea and hopefully more clubs follow suit.

Judging by the number of entries it obviously is a very popular event and fittingly finals day produced some very close and entertaining matches.

Congratulations to the organisers and to all the participants.


MS 1: Duncan Cronin V Kevin Higgins 6-4, 6-2
MS 2: Paul Flynn V Conor McCarthy 6-4, 5-7, 6-3
MS 3: Jonathon Mulcahy V Egon IIyes 4-0 ret.
MS 4: Kevin Moynihan V Jonathon Mulcahy 6-1, 6-4
MS 5: Brendan Noonan V Mark O Connor 6-4, 7-5
MS 6: Mark Cronin V Martin Hurley 6-2, 4-6, 7-6

WS 3: Joanna O Riordan V Karen Barry 2-6, 6-4, 6-1
WS 4: Monica Twomey V Ann Bogan 6-3, 6-3
WS 5: Susan Wallace V Siobhan Cronin 6-1, 6-3
WS 6: Siobhan Cronin V Emer Groarke 3-6, 6-3, 6-4.

William Fry Junior Irish Open - Fitzwilliam

A long summer came to an end for our juniors in Fitzwilliam last weekend.  We had a very large number of Cork players taking part in the various events.  The standard was very high in all age groups and competition for places in the main draw were not guaranteed, with a lot of events having qualifying rounds.
I would like to congratulate all players who made it into main draws and say well done to all who reached finals.

Cork had one winner and this was Siobhan Ryan Bovey in the Girls U-18 doubles when she teamed up with Sinead Lohan of Tramore to win a tough 3 set final.

Other finalists on the day were Emily Daly in the U-14 Girls singles and doubles finals, Rachel Daly in the Girls U-16 doubles finals, Niall Casey in the Boys U-14 singles final.

Other players who made it through in the main draws were:

Boys singles U-12: Davydas Sadauskas
Boys singles U-14: Sean O Callaghan, Niall Casey and Daniel Moloney.
Mixed doubles U-14: Cathy O Neill
Boys doubles U-14: Ben Rasmussen and Adam O Sullivan
Boys singles U-16: Gary Stack and David Gardiner
Girls singles U-16: Rachel Daly
Boys Doubles U-16: David Gardiner
Mixed doubles U-16: Rachel Daly and David Gardiner
Boys singles U-18: Adam Rasmussen and Sam Thompson
Girls Singles U-18: Siobhan Ryan Bovey, Jane Daly and Danielle Geary
Boys doubles U-18: James Reidy, Adam Rasmussen, Gary Stack, Mark Hannon and Sam Thompson

Well done to all, keep up the hard work.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

FDC Championships of County Cork

Rushbrooke LT & CC are entering their crazy season again, with 4 big tournaments in 3 weeks.  The first of these finished last Saturday on a day of mixed weather.  Thanks to the co-operation of the players and the organistaional skills of Martin Cusack and his team the day finished on time.

Rushbrooke is one of the only events with singles for all grades and this adds to the popularity.

Over the next 2 weeks Rushbrooke will also host their Junior open which is then followed by 2 international events, an U-14 ETA event and an U-18 ITF event.  These two events will attract players from all over the world and promises to provide some very entertaining tennis.

MS 1 - Jamie Blake bt Rob Leahy 6-2/6-3
WS 1 - Niamh Coveney bt Siobhan Ryan Bovey 4-6/6-3/6-4
MD 1 - Kevin Rea/Rob Leahy bt Conor Kelly/Duncan Cronin 5-7/6-3/6-1
WD 1 - Niamh Coveney/Joanne Williamson bt Danielle Geary/Hannah May Morrissey 6-1/6-1
MX 1 - Joanne Williamson/Kevin Rea bt Niamh Coveney/Duncan Cronin 6-4/1-6/6-3
MS 2 - Kevin O Keeffe bt Colin Laffan 5-7/6-2/6-2
WS 2 - Un Ryle bt Joanna O Riordan 6-0/6-3
MD 2 - James Hewitt/Colin Laffan bt Gary Stack/Adam Rasmussen 6-4/6-4
WD 2 - Clodagh Fitzgerald/Siobhan Murray bt Aine Kiernan/Sinead Power 6-3/3-6/6-2
MX 2 - Aine Kiernan/Kevin O Keeffe bt Sinead Power/Martin Cusack 6-2/6-4
MS 3 - Keith Kenny bt NIck Cloke 6-1/6-0
WS 3 - Joanna O Riordan bt Karen Barry 6-4/6-2
MD 3 - Niall Ahern/Niall Cloke bt Nick Cloke/Jeremy Forde 3-6/7-6/7-6
WD 3 - Gillian/Louise Brohan bt Kay Lynch/Daragh Quinn 7-6/7-5
MX 3 - Kay Lynch/Niall Cloke bt Carla James/Jeremy Forde 6-1/6-3
MS 4 - Eugene O Mahony bt Kenny Ding 6-1/4-2 ret
MD 4 - Peter Howie/Tim Ryan bt Dermot Carbery/Tom Reidy 6-2/6-1
WD 4 - Ann Bogan/Deirdre Duboy bt Fiona Burke/Gill O Donovan 7-6/3-6/7-6
MX 4 - Mary McGarry/Brendan Nolan bt Fiona McCarthy/Ger Russell 2-6/7-5/6-3
MS 5 - Diarmaid Hurley bt Gary Hurley 6-4/6-3
WS 5 - Anne Humphries bt Siobhan Cronin
MD 5 - Kenny Ding/John O Donovan bt Gary/Diarmaid Hurley 6-2/6-1
WD 5 - Cathy Dorrian/Susan Hamel bt Jo Cahalane/Jenny Warren 6-2/6-4
MX 5 - Catherine McCarthy/Niall Coonan bt Anne Humphries/Liam Murphy 6-4/6-2
MS 6 -Brendan Noonan bt Barry Foley 6-2/7-5
WS 6 - Susan Wallace bt Siobhan Cronin 6-1/6-3
MD 6 - Martin Hurley/Tony Lyons bt Ray McDonald/John Murphy 6-3/2-6/6-2
WD 6 - Julie O Sullivan/Susan Wallace bt Karen Holmes/Sheila Stokes 6-2/7-5
MX 6 - Susan O Regan/Brendan Noonan bt Helen McCarthy/Tim O Leary 7-5/6-4

Babolat Cork Tennis League points collected from this event.
Sheila Stokes - 5 points
Tim Ryan - 8 points

Carrigaline Senior Open Results

Yes believe it, Carrigaline eventually got the weather to finish one of their tournaments on the day it was supposed to finish.
Report to follow shortly, for now the results.

MD 3 - Niall Cloke/Kieran Hackett bt John Hurley/Ken Murphy 6-4/6-2
WD 3 - Kay Lynch/Daragh Quinn bt Denise Fenton/Evelyn O Connor 7-6/7-6
MX 3 - Monica Williams/Paul O Callaghan bt Carla James/Jeremy Forde 6-0/6-4
MD 4 - Rob Jenkins/Johnathon Mulcahy bt Dermot Carbery/Dominic Crowley 7-5/4-6/6-4
WD 4 - Deirdre Duboy/Deirdre Murphy bt Ann Marie Collins/Gillian Wall 3-6/6-3/6-2
MX 4 - Deirdre Duboy/Kevin Moynihan bt Monica Twomey/Rob Jenkins 7-6/7-5
MD 5/6 - Brian Hennessy/Derek Murphy bt Gary Hurley/Liam O Regan 6-4/6-3
WD 5/6 - Cathy Dorrian/Susan Hamel bt Catherine Griffin/Maria O Keffee 6-3/6-2
MX 5/6 - Bridget Webb/Frank Delaney bt Val Cremin/Brendan Noonan 6-1/6-2

Lakewood Senior Open Results

Lakewood Open 2011 - Report provided by Emma Crowley.

Every year religiously during the Open week, we ask the same question will we run an Open the following year. Work for the Open starts in January trying to organise sponsorship, who’s doing what, should we make any changes etc etc. . With five tournaments in a row, (Sundays Well, Arigeedeen, Lakewood, Carrigaline, Rushbrooke) we wonder will we get the entries, will the weather hold out and more specifically what will non availabilty be like. As tournament organisers trying to facilitate all players can be cumbersome and if I’m honest stressful at times.

This year though, we were very fortunate with all of the above, the players were great, the sun was shining for the week - literally not a drop of rain fell, and to be honest at times we were saying it was too hot to play (a rare comment in itself) and of course with the pleasant evenings, it makes the delays that little bit easier to handle !!

Finals Day was a treat, once again the sun was shining. Great tennis commenced at 11am and then continued for rest of the day. We finally concluded the day with a 3 set match Mixed1&2 between our own Toni O’Keeffe & Frank McDonald against Sommer Craig & Robert Murphy. After some amazing tennis, Sommer and Rob won.

Eamonn McCarthy (President of Munster Branch) came in his all glory, I should clarify I mean his chains ;) to present the prizes and this was very much appreciated.

All in all, the week itself ran smoothly, with no major hiccups and this could not have happened without the support of our own club members who gave up much if not all of their own free time to help out. I would also like to thank the players for their support, its great to meet so many new players on the scene and hopefully this will continue.

MX 1/2 - Sommer Craig/Rob Murphy bt Toni O Keeffe/Frank McDonnell
MD 1/2 - Paul Cotter/Joe Donovan bt Ken Duffy/Vincent Quirke 6-3/6-2
WD 1/2 - Sommer Craig/Carmel Daly bt Marie Duffy/Grace Reidy 3-6/7-5/6-0
MD 3 - Jim Connolly/Johnathon Mulcahy bt Niall Cloke/Kieran Hackett 6-3/6-4
WD 3 - Marion Healy/Monica Williams bt Siobhan Fahy/Carol Leland 4-6/6-3/6-3
MX 3 - Mairead/Martin Neary bt Nick Cloke/Marion Healy 6-2/6-1
MD 4 - Li Haoning/Diarmaid Hurley bt Declan Alton/Martin Neary 6-3/7-5
WD 4 - Dara Carbery/Joanne O Keffee bt Anne Marie Collins/Gillian Wall
MX 4 - Ann Bogan/Kevin Moynihan bt Tara Mukerjee/Martin Neary 7-6/6-1
MD 5 - Diarmaid/Gary Hurley bt Ross McDonald/Padraig Mullane
WD 5 - Teresa O Donovan/Jacqui O Mahony bt Mags Cronin/Maria Crowley 6-2/3-6/6-3
MX 5 - Pauline Murphy/Padraig Mullane bt Liz Brosnan/Liam O Regan 6-1/6-2
MD 6/7 - Diarmaid/Mark Cronin bt Ray McDonald/John Murphy
WD 6/7 - Karen Holmes/Kitty Moynihan bt Betty Fitzgerald/Helen McCarthy 7-6/6-7/6-1
MX 6/7 - Carmel Morrisson/Michael Murphy bt Linda/John Murphy 6-3/6-4

Saturday, July 2, 2011

A double for Coveney in fine style.

Congratulations to Niamh Coveney, Irish Close Champion 2011.

When you lose you have different thoughts racing through your mind, and you have choices to make.  You can get down about things and let a slump begin or you can learn from it and use your losses as the start of a new beginning.

A couple of weeks ago Niamh lost, what has become her title, The Munster Senior Open, and standing there watching the final she could have left her slump begin. 
This was just another disappointment following on from her omission from the Fed Cup team but Niamh's true character shone through, and she headed to Donnybrook to get things back on track.

Seeded 2 behind Irish Fed Cup player, Lynsey McCullough, Niamh would have some tough matches if she were to progress to the final.

An early walkover was followed up with wins over Tanya Murtagh, currently on tennis scholarship in the states and fifth seed Sinead Kennedy to set up a final against Lynsey.

The final was a topsy turvy event with the first set going to Lynsey on a scoreline of 6-2. 
Not a great start, but followed up with an impressive second set, Niamh won 6-0. 
So into the last, with both players showing why they were seeded 1 and 2, they stayed together until 4-4 before Niamh dug deepest to come out on top 6-4 and with it become the Irish Close Champion 2011.

Niamh then teamed up with Lynsey to win the ladies doubles and maybe highlighting the error in her omission from the Fed Cup team?

Congratulations Niamh.

Gardiner is on a roll.

David does it again and again. 

This isn't the first time I have written pieces about David this season and i'm predicting now, it won't be the last either.

In a previous article I spoke about David being a player to watch for the season ahead and he hasn't let me down.

A couple of weeks ago he travelled to Malahide to take on Ireland's best juniors both in his own age group of U-16 and also the U-18 event.

David was seeded 1 in the U-18 event and true to the seeding he came through to the finals where he took on and beat Galways' Michael Clarkson 6-0, 6-1.

The U-16 event was the big one.
Here David was seeded 2, and considering he was seeded 1 in the U-18 event it just shows how difficult this draw was. David made it to the final where his opponent was Coilin MacNamara.
Coilin hadn't lost at this age group yet this year.  David has played Coilin on a few occassions over the last couple of years and they have always had good battles, with results being unpredictable and both tasting success.

There was, however, only going to be one winner this time and with the form David has being showing it was he who succeeded on a scoreline of 6-2, 6-4.

Following Malahide was the Munster Senior Open, where as a fourteen year old David was the youngest in the draw.  Age didn't seem to matter and playing beyond his years David beat senior interpros along the way before succumbing to eventual winner Jamie Blake in the semi finals.

After good performances in singles and doubles David headed to Naas Junior Open with confidence high.
Playing in the U-16 singles, David was seeded 2 behind Sean O Rourke, his doubles partner.
Following some very impressive performances and none more so than the final, David beat Eoin Fitzsimons 6-2, 6-0 to add to his list of titles for the year.

Then teaming up with Sean they took on the number 1 and 2 from the U-18 singles draw and won 6-4, 6-2, to give David another double in Leinster.

Congratulations David and I have no doubt there is more to come.

Fitzgerald rules in Limerick

Paul Fitzgerald was top dog in the recent South of Ireland Open in Limerick Lawn Tennis Club.
The South. as the locals like to call it, is a big open that can attract players from all over and it was good to see Paul continue his good form (following his win at Rushbrooke Easter).  This bodes well for Munster's chances in the upcoming Interpros, with their top players performing well throughout the country.

Paul teamed up with fellow interpro Cian Blake in the doubles but unfortunately this was a bit of a non event as they received walkovers the whole way through.

Bishopstown Junior Open - Enter here

Bishopstown has one of the most active junior programmes anywhere in Ireland and they will be hoping this is reflected in results in their upcoming junior open.

To enter click here.

Season well underway across all levels.

Here's a few events just getting underway, so if you have any spare time and want to watch some tennis head to Sundays Well during the day for the Munster Junior Ope and watch some of our future stars in action.

You can keep up to date with the scores and schedules here.

Also just starting is Carrigaline Senior Open.  Now they have to have fingers, toes and whatever else they have crossed in the hope they get a dry finals day.  This is an event that has had its finals rained off for the last 2 years, so with a bit of luck they get a glorious week, which will be no more than they deserve.

Keep in touch with what's happening here.

Just finished is Lakewood.  Scores and report to follow shortly.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Babolat Cork Tennis League Updated Scores

After the recent tournaments here's an updated list of how the scoring looks.

James Cooney 16 points
Tim Ryan 13 points
Conor Ahern 5 points
Piotr Czarnecki  5 points

Sheila Stokes 21 points
Trish O Leary 8 points

There is still plenty of time to register and lots of tournaments to play to give yourself a chance of winning the fabulous prizes on offer from Cork Tennis and Babolat.

Munster Senior Open 2011 - Results

The Munster Senior Open finished at Sundays Well Tennis Club on Saturday in tough windy conditions.
The weather however didn't dampen peoples spirits as there was a good turnout of supporters who were provided with some very entertaining matches throughout the day.

The Munster Senior Open is a title everybody wants and this was obvious all week when you could see how hard players battled to get through to finals day.

The event was very well organised by Stephen McCarthy, Alice Fawsitt and the rest of the team and on arrival you were always greeted with a warm welcome.

One of the talking points of the week was the food.  This was supplied by Brook Catering who were also the title sponsors.  This made perfect sense to me and I can't understand why it hasn't being done before.  How often to sponsors get an immediate return on their investment and also have the opportunity to promote what they do best to a large number of people.  This could be start of a trend, Liam.

There are so few tournaments where all grades are represented and also where players get the chance to play singles as well as doubles.  In fact there are only two and this definitely adds to the event.

A few players did the double and they are worth mentioning, Clodagh Fitzgerald, Joanne O Keeffe, Jamie Blake and Ronan Conway.  Well done to all on their great achievement.

Another player worth mentioning is Nicola Drummy from Dublin (but of Cork blood. Nicola's father Victor is a four time winner of the premier singles).  Nicola at 14 is possibly the youngest winner of the Ladies Premier Singles.  That is a fabulous achievement and Nicola is a player definitely worth watching in the future.

MS1 Jamie Blake V Rob Leahy 6-1/6-4
LS1 Nicola Drummy V Lucy Easton 7-5/6-2
MD1 Jamie/Cian Blake V Antoine Bercy/Rob Leahy 6-2/6-3
LD1 Niamh Coveney/Joanne Williamson V Deirdre Collins/Toni O Keeffe 6-0/6-2
MS2 Conor McCarthy V Silvio Di Blasi 6-3/6-3
LS2 Clodagh Fitzgerald V Un Ryle 6-2/6-3
MD2 Paul Cotter/Joe O Donovan V Silvio Di Blasi/Donal Neary 6-3/2-6/7-5
LD2 Clodagh Fitzgerald/Siobhan Murray V Connie Creed/Grace Reidy 7-6/6-7/7-6
MX2 Sommer Craig/Dave Thompson V Sinead Power/Eddie Ronayne 3-6/6-3/6-2
MS3 John Ryan V Gerard Sheehan 6-2/6-2
LS3 Karen Barry V Joanna O Riordan 7-5/6-2
MD3 Richard Bywater/Jeremy Forde V Paul O Callaghan/Hugh Harrington 6-0/6-3
LD3 Gillian/Louise Brohan V Kay Lynch/Daragh Quinn 3-6/6-0/6-2
MX3 Carol Daly/Niall Aherne V Daragh Quinn/Hugh Harrington 7-5/6-3
MS4 Rob Jenkins V James Cooney 6-4/6-2
LS4 Ilona Stuntebeck V Tara Mukerjee 6-3/2-6/6-2
MD4 Dominic Crowley/Tom Reidy V Leo O Leary/Rob Jenkins 6-1/6-2
LD4 Joanne O Keeffe/Margaret Roche V Nime Stefanstonn/Sandra Higgins
MX4 Joanne O Keeffe/Brian Dennis V Sandra Higgins/Declan Malone 6-4/6-3
MS5 Ronan Conway V Diarmuid Hurley 6-4/7-5
LS5 Marie O Sullivan V Dervilla Griffin 7-6/6-4
MD5 Ronan Conway/John O Donovan V Kenny Ding/Tim O Donovan 7-6/6-2
LD5 Jo Cahalane/Jenny Warren V Therese Horn/Carol O Shea 6-0/6-4
MX5 Sarah Dwane/Kenny Ding V Kitty Collins/Paul O Connell 7-6/6-4
MS6 Brian Hennessy V Martin Hurley 6-2/2-6/6-4
LS6 Emer Groarke V Roma Buckley 6-1/6-3
MD6 Tony Lyons/Uilliam O Lorcain V Daragh Fitzgerald/George Ross 6-1/6-3
LD6 Kitty Moynihan/Sheila Stokes V Tina Bushe/Shirley Kennelly 6-3/7-6
MX6 Alicia Collins/Diarmid Cronin V Martina O Sullivan/Paul Hogan 6-3/6-4.

Congratulations to the winners and the runners up.

Babolat Cork Tennis League points picked up by Sheila Stokes and James Cooney.

Finalists make note you are all missing out on the chance of winning a full kit including racket from Babolat.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Best of luck Conor.

I know everyone will have their stories about the time Conor did this, or when I played Conor, and this I'm sure is the same all over the world as many players play Wimbledon for the first time this year.

But if anyone deserves their chance to perform on the big stage it is Conor and knowing him he won't be thinking about just one match, he will have his sights set on a certain Roger Federer.

This achievement alone will do more for Irish tennis than anything or anyone gone before him.  I say this without being disrespectful to Louk Sorensen's achievement or as the media are mentioning Matt Doyle, the last 'Irish' man to play in Wimbledon.

The difference for me is, Conor grew up playing his tennis in Ireland, he travelled around playing the tournament scene, he played interpros for Munster, he has won Irish titles, he plays and trains in Dublin so he is more accessible to the Irish public and much better known.

All our up and coming juniors know Conor and have met him and no doubt have received words of encouragement or wisdom from him at some point.  To a lot of them he is their inspiration and tomorrow he will be their hero playing in, what to us, is the biggest of the Grand Slams.

I have no doubt when I say 'GOOD LUCK' to Conor, I'm not just saying it from me, I'm saying it from the whole tennis population in Ireland.

Read a very interesting article written by Conor for this blog and you will get an insight into how tough it is on the tour and how hard you have to work to make a living.  And then you will get an appreciation of what Conor has achieved in qualifying for Wimbledon.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kinsale Open Results

LD 1\2  Lisa Long\Mary Claire McCarthy V Aine Kiernan\Joanna O Riordan 6-2\6-3
MX 1\2 Lisa Long\Conor Kelly V Sommer Craig\David Thompson 6-2\6-4
MD 3 Radim Pokopochiem\Frank Walsh V Jim Connolly\Leo O Leary 6-3\6-4
LD 3 Marion Healy\Rom Preston V Marion Gargin\Monica Williams 6-4\6-3
MX 3 Kay Lynch\Niall Cloke V Jesse Morris\Jim Good 5-7\6-2\6-3
MD 4 Rob Jenkins\Leo O Leary V Martin Neary\Declan Alton 6-3\6-3
LD 4 Sabine Graef\Jesse Morris V Therese Hurley\Tara Mukerjee 6-1\6-3
MX 4 Deirdre Duby\Kevin Moynihan V Jesse Morris\Sebastian Kadau 6-3\3-6\7-5
MD 5 Derek Murphy\John O Donovan V Brian Hennessy\Ken Hourihane 6-4\1-6\6-2
LD 5 Ursula Hogan\Jacqui O Mahony V Jo Cahalane\Jenny Warrren 6-1\3-6\6-3
MX 5 Catherine McCarthy\Niall Coonan V Sarah Morris\Paul Hogan 6-1\6-4
MD 6 Garry Fitzroy\Tony O Reilly V Alan McCarthy\Niall Stanley 6-3\6-4
LD 6 Kitty Moynihan\Sheila Stokes V Julie O Sullivan\Susan Wallace 7-5\6-3
MX 6 Therese Crowley\Brian Hennessy V Majella Daly\Tony O Reilly 6-3\6-0

Well done to Kinsale on another very successful open tournament.
Congratulations to the winners and runners up and to all who took part.

Babolat Cork Tennis League Points from this event.
Sheila Stokes 8 points.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


I find it very amusing the way the Irish media jump on the band wagon of tennis when one of our guys is on the verge of a breakthrough into a Grand Slam.
Don't get me wrong the coverage is great for the game, but why can't it be covered on a more regular basis.

Tennis is played all over Ireland week in, week out.  With competitions running all year round.  We play in hail, rain, sleet and sometimes snow but without a mention.

Our open tournaments don't get covered by local papers, our Interprovincial championships might get a mention (a few lines in a small column in one of the national papers) and our Davis Cup or Federation Cup might as well be invisible.

People might say well would you not contact someone, or provide the papers with some information, but even this isn't always enough.

Last year prior to the Interpros for the U-14, U-18 and Senior teams, I contacted a local and a National paper and offered them information on who was playing, where the events were being held and also said I would feedback to them afterwards with results.  None of the two papers replied.

The events were played and the Senior team returned victorious, their first win after seventeen years, and again there was no mention of this in the papers.

After speaking to a few people about this and them agreeing it was a disgrace I decided to contact the papers again and one of them replied saying if I put something together they would publish it. 
They did! without any editing and gave credit to one of their reporters.

My point in all of this is, if you go through the local papers you will see pages on local GAA, local soccer, horse racing, road bowling and hockey, local dart leagues are mentioned, premiership soccer or intercounty matches have about four writers writing about the same match, yet tennis can't get a look in.

What do we need to do to get the papers to help us promote our game?

It would be great if people took it upon themselves to keep onto the papers about the lack of coverage our sport gets and hopefully they might give it a mention in the future.

All that being said Best of luck today Conor, you're doing us proud.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Federer - Did he do it or not?

Babolat Cork Tennis League Updated Scores

After the recent tournaments here's an updated list of how the scoring looks.

Tim Ryan 13 points
James Cooney 8 points
Conor Ahern 5 points
Piotr Czarnecki  5 points

Trish O Leary 8 points
Sheila Stokes 5 points

This league is still open for entries and with prizes for the winning man and woman, you will be kitted out from head to toe.
Don't miss out!
Enter Here

St.Michaels Open Vets

St.Michaels have being running an Open Vets tournament for the last few years but this was the first one that was officially on the Tennis Ireland Calender and so making it a counting event for Munster Interpro selection.

While it will take time to build up numbers, the standard of entries was very high, with a lot of last years winning interpro team members playing for places on this years team.

For those who haven't played it before, and this was my first time, you will have to go along way to find a more enjoyable and welcoming event.
On finals day the bar b que was free to all who were in attendance and this was a lovely way to finish a very enjoyable tournament even if we did lose to double winner Rob Murphy and his partner Liam O Brien.

MD 35 Rob Murphy/Liam O Brien V Derek Lane/Rob Leahy 3-6/6-4/12-10
WD 35 Joanne Williamson/Toni O Keeffe V Trudy Kennedy/Deirdre McSherry 6-4/6-2
XD 35 Deirdre McSherry/Rob Murphy V Carmel Daly/Vince Lawton 6-3/6-3
MD 45 Joe Donovan/Pat Smith w/o
WD 45 Ann Naughton/Un Ryle V Alice Keating/Margaret O Sullivan
MD 50 Pat Horgan/Pat Smith V Pat Coleman/Noel Fitton 4-6/7-6/12-10
WD 50 Ann Coveney/Connie Creed V Mary Donnelly/Jean Downey 6-3/6-4
WD 55 Maggie O Toole/Freeda Roycroft V Joan Gollins/Kalene Kenefick
XD 55 Ann Coveney/Hugh Harrington w/o
MD 60 Barry Gollins/Larry Power V Willie Hanover/Lar Thompson 6-4/6-2
XD 60 Suzanne Hayes/Noel Murphy V Freeda/Billy Roycroft 6-2/6-0

Well done to all involved in organising this event especially to Ken Duffy for making us all feel welcome over the weekend.

Douglas Senior Open Doubles

When I was a junior playing open tournaments Douglas was always one of the big ones and when I got to the age where I started playing senior tournaments it was one of the main three.

Unfortunately for a few years Douglas lost some of its prestige and standing among the tournament circuit, but thanks to people like Oliver Barriscale (and the new committee who are doing great work reinstating Douglas as one of Corks' main clubs) the tournament is again gaining popularity.

This was evident in the standard of the entries in their Open Doubles tournament this year and with some epic matches, finals day proved to be a very entertaining place to be.

MD 1/2 Derek Lane/Rob Murphy V Pat Horgan/Donal Neary 6-2/7-6
MD 3 Paul Healy/John Ryan V Mick McCabe/Paul O Callaghan 6-2/6-7/7-5
MD 4 Dermot Carberry/Dominic Crowley V James Cooney/Kevin Moynihan 2-6/6-4/6-4
MD 5 Padraig Mullane/Owen Rea V Conor Ahern/Michael O Driscoll 6-3/6-3
MD 6 Ray McDonald/John Murphy V Gary Fitzroy/Tony O Reilly 3-6/6-4/6-4
WD 1/2 Connie Creed/Grace Reidy V Sommer Craig/Carmel Daly 6-1/6-3
WD 3 Berni Kenny/Daragh Quinn V Marion Healy/Monica Williams 6-1/4-6/6-1
WD 4 Margaret Roche/Nime Steffanson V Dymphna Lordan/Fiona McCarthy 6-4/6-1
WD 5 Christine Airey/Fabiola Schnier V Teresa O Donovan/Jacqui O Mahony
WD 6 Francie McCarthy/Carmel Morrison V Julie O Sullivan/Susan Wallace 3-6/6-1/6-3
XD 1/2 Toni O Keeffe/Frank McDonnell V Karen O Donovan/Colm Cronin 6-3/6-3
XD 3 Monica Williams/Gus Bowen V Daragh Quinn/Hugh Harrington 6-3/6-3
XD 4 Maria/Dominic Crowley V Joanne O Keeffe/Tom Reidy 2-6/6-4/7-6
XD 5 Jacqui O Mahony/John O Donovan V Sarah Dwane/Kenny Ding 5-7/6-4/7-5
XD 6 Therese Crowley/Joe McSweeney V Ger O Callaghan/Scott Weaver 6-1/3-6/6-3

Congratulations to Dominic Crowley on doing the double, never an easy task.

Babolat Cork Tennis League points were picked up by Conor Ahern and James Cooney.
Remember it's never too late to enter.

Bishopstown Senior Doubles Results

Firstly apologies for the delay in posting the results, new baby keeping me busy.
Anyway congratulations to Bishopstown on running another very successful tournament this year.  Considering the horrendous weather that they endured during the week it was a great achievement to get the tournament finished on time.

MD 1/2 Aylmer Barrett/Paul Fitzgerald V Antoine Bercy/Martin Higgins 6-1, 6-4
WD 1/2 Lisa Long/Joanne Williamson w/o
XD 1/2 Joanne Williamson/Derek Smith V Connie Creed/Antoine Bercy 2-6, 6-4, 6-3
MD 3 Niall Cloke/Nick Cloke V Gus Bowen/Aidan Cotter 6-2, 6-2
WD 3 Gillian O Grady/Roceliza Reyes V Berni Kenny/Daragh Quinn 2-6, 6-1, 6-3
XD 3 Carla James/Jeremy Forde V Berni Kenny/Paul O Callaghan 6-4, 0-6, 6-2
MD 4 Rob Jenkins/Leo O Leary V Pat Donnellan/Diarmaid O Mathuma 6-2, 6-2
WD 4 Margaret Roche/Nime Steffanson V Mary Barnes/Tricia O Leary 6-3, 3-6, 6-2
XD 4 Dervilla Griffin/Pat Peate V Anne O Sullivan/Paddy Quinn 6-0, 6-1
MD 5 Padraig Mullane/Tim O Donovan V Piotr Czarnecki/Thomas Mullane 6-4, 6-0
WD 5 Patricia Hickey/Paula Mullane V Angela O Mahony/Lucy Quill 3-6, 6-4, 6-4
XD 5 Liz Moore/Nigel Smith V Sarah Dwane/Kenny Ding 7-6, 6-3
MD 6 Brian Hennessy/Joe McSweeney V Tim O Leary/John Underwood 6-1, 6-4
WD 6 Francie McCarthy/Carmel Morrison V Kitty Moynihan/Sheila Stokes 6-2, 6-3
XD 6 Teresa Lynch/Joe McSweeney V Martina O Sullivan/Paul Hogan 6-3, 6-3

Congratulations to all the winners and runners up and to Tricia O Leary, Sheila Stokes and Piotr Czarnecki on picking up points towards the Babolat Cork Tennis League.

Friday, May 6, 2011

New website for Douglas Tennis Club

Over the last year Douglas tennis club has undertaken the task of re-promoting itself and the latest stage in this task is their new website.

The site is in it's early stages but once all the headers are filled in you will have no excuses for keeping up to date with what's happening in the club.

This site along with the club's Facebook page should cover all angles for existing, new and potential members.

Well done on all the hard work.

Check out the new site here

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cork Senior Open Tournament Calender

On the right of this blog there is a list of all the Senior events on the Cork tennis calender for 2011.

You will be able to enter any of these tournaments from here by clicking their link.

The links will become active as the tournament organisers publish details of their event.

Some events will be done through the tournament software site, others will be email entries, but all can be entered from here.

Don't forget these are all the tournaments that count towards the Babolat Cork tennis league and some great prizes.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

South of Ireland Open Veterans Championship 2011

The South of Ireland Veterans Open Championship 2011 or as they refer to it in Limerick, The South, is on this weekend in Limerick Lawn Tennis Club and looking through the draws there should be some top quality tennis on display for the weekend.

Cork players travel in force and are well represented across all age groups, so expectations are high for a few title holders to return to the Rebel county tomorrow evening.

Some events to watch out for are the Mens O-45 singles where Joe Donovan of Lakewood will renew battle with two travelling interpros, Ray McGinley of Leinster and Tim Blomley of Ulster.
These three squared off recently in Sundays Well and Joe came out on top, we hope the result will be the same at the end of the weekend.

The Mens O-50 doubles looks to be another promising event with strong partnerships throughout the draw, with Cork pairings holding the first and fourth seeding.

Best of luck to all involved and keep up to date on the latest happenings here.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Babolat Cork Tennis League Underway

For those early birds who got their entries in for the Babolat Cork tennis league prior to Rushbrooke, the points have started to build up.

Remember you can enter at any stage, but results cannot be back dated.
For more information on the league, just click here.

The table to date:
Tim Ryan - 13 points
James Cooney - 3 points
Trish O Leary - 3 points.

Bishopstown Senior Doubles next up.

Now that the appetite has being wet after Rushbrooke, the circuit moves on to Bishopstown.

This is a doubles only tournament and always attracts a big entry of a very high standard.
The tournament runs from the 1st to the 8th of May and you can keep to date with the scores and schedule here.

The tournament promises to provide some very entertaining matches so why not drop in and be entertained.

Coveney Cleans up at Rushbrooke

Rushbrooke Easter open finished yesterday and after some very hard fought finals the season has started well for all our winners.

None more so than Niamh Coveney who made the perfect start to the season with a hat trick of titles.
Niamh was made to battle hard in her singles where she came from behind to beat one of the new up and coming brigade, Siobhan Ryan Bovey and eventually won in 3 sets.

Again in the ladies doubles,  Niamh teamed up with Tracey O Rourke and it took the pair 3 sets to overcome another two of the future stars, Rachel Daly and Nicola Drummy in what was a very entertaining match.

To finish off her hat trick, Niamh teamed up with the Mens singles winner Paul Fitzgerald to win the mixed doubles title.

As can be seen from the results below there were no easy finals and from speaking to some of the people who watched the finals, all matches proved to be very entertaining.  This bodes well for the season ahead if the standard of the finals in the first tournament of the year was this high.

A special mention has to go to the tournament organiser, Martin Cusack and his team for running a very successful tournament.  His organisational skills received numerous compliments over the weekend and his easy going nature in the office made for a very enjoyable tournament.

MS1 - Paul Fitzgerald V Jamie Blake 6/1 6/1
WS1 - Niamh Coveney V Siobhan Ryan Bovey 4/6 6/1 6/3
MD1 - Cian and Jamie Blake V Kevin Rea/Paul Fitzgerald 2/6 7/5 7/5
WD1 - Niamh Coveney/Tracey O Rourke V Rachel Daly/Nicola Drummy 7/5 3/6 6/3
MX1 - Niamh Coveney/Paul Fitzgerald V Siobhan Ryan Bovey/Cian Blake 6/3 6/4
MD2 - Aylmer Barrett/Killian O Brien V Ger Finan/Silvio Di Blasi 4/6 6/3 6/2
MX2 - Joanna and Mark O Riordan V Aine Kiernan/Kevin O Keeffe 6/2 5/7 6/3
MD3 - Jim Connolly/Jonathon Mulcahy V Kevin McCarthy/Kevin Moynihan 7/6 6/2
WD3 - Carol Daly/Kay Lynch V Marion Gargin/Suzanne Hayes 6/3 6/2
MX3 - Carol Daly/Niall Ahern V Louise Davidson/Kieran Hackett 6/2 7/5
MD4 - Peter Howie/Tim Ryan V Rob Jenkins/Leo O Leary 7/6 7/5
WD4 - Margaret Roche/Nime Stefansson V Deirdre Duboy/Susan O Donovan 7/5 6/0
MX4 - Sheila McCarthy/Tim Ryan V Trish O Leary/James Cooney 2/6 6/3 7/5
MD5 - Ross McDonald/Padraig Mullane V Noel Devitt/Willie Fawsitt 6/3 6/3
WD5 - Dolores McCarthy/Breege O Reilly V Ursula Hogan/Jacqui O Mahony 6/2 6/1
MX5 - Fabiola Schnier/Padraig Mullane V Sheila Healy/Kevin Day 6/2 6/2
MD6 - Darren Fitzgerald/Brian Hennessy V Alan Preston/Brian Stromsoe 6/4 7/5
WD6 - Rhea Monkhouse/Ger O Callaghan V Tina Bushe/Linda St Ledger 3/6 6/3 6/1
MX6 - Rhea Monkhouse/Scott Weaver V Una O Callaghan/Alan Preston 7/6 6/4

Congratulations to all the winners and best of luck to everyone for the rest of the season.

Friday, April 22, 2011

FDC South of Ireland Omni Court Championship 2011

The first Senior Open of the year is underway at Rushbrooke Tennis Club.  This is a very popular tournament and always attracts a big entry and this year is no different.

With a weekend that promises to provide beautiful sunshine, this could be the place to be to sit back, relax and enjoy some very entertaining matches.

You can keep up to date with scores and schedules here but if you get the chance pop down and enjoy the atmosphere and banter that goes with it.

Sundays Well - Munster Vets Open 2011

The Munster Open Vets tournament was on last weekend in Sundays Well Tennis Club and as always it attracted a large entry, of a high standard, with players coming from all over Ireland.

The finals were played in glorious sunshine and the matches were equal to the weather.

The results can be found by clicking here.

The photos for this event were supplied by James Reidy, many thanks James.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Draws now available for Sundays Well Vets Open

Sundays Well Vets Open is one of the big Vets events on the Irish calender and it starts this Thursday.

Draws and schedules are available here and you can keep up to date on all the happenings over the weekend.

Enter Rushbrooke Easter Open here.

I hope you have all being practicing because the first Senior Open of the season is only a week away.
Entries are now being taken for Rushbrooke Easter Open and you can enter here.

This tournament is a graded tournament with an open singles event and graded doubles event.  It always attracts a large entry and you will be guaranteed some very enjoyable tennis.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Babolat Cork Tennis League - Don't miss out!

The first counting tournament is fast approaching for the Babolat Cork Tennis League.

What you don't want to happen is that you win the tournament and find the points don't count because you haven't registered.

For all the details on how to enter click here

Don't miss out on your chance to win rackets, clothing, footwear and a bag.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Emily Daly, top of the pile.

Congratulations to Emily on a fabulous achievement last weekend, where she won the Girls U-14 National Matchplays Title.

This was a great achievement and one that was fully deserved.

During the course of the weekend Emily played some outstanding matches and had to take on the top seed along the way.

In the finals not only did Emily have to overcome a very difficult opponent but she also had to deal with blisters, but this girl is a fighter and wasn't going to let anything come in the way of a National Title.

If you haven't seen Emily play yet you are missing out.  I have seen her play many times and as talented as she is what I love most about watching her play is , she plays with a smile on her face.
She looks as though she is enjoying the game.

From what I have seen over the last few years, watching many ITF and ETA events and even local junior opens everyone seems to have gotten so serious.  They play with the weight of the world on their shoulders and seem to be missing out on the enjoyment of the game.

Emily keep smiling and I bet you will keep winning.
Well done to Emily, National Champion.

Winter League Finals this weekend.

Rushbrooke tennis club plays host to the Munster Branch Winter League finals this Sunday.

The finals will cover six grades from across the province, and promises to provide a very entertaining days tennis.

The atmosphere at the finals day is very different to finals days of open weeks because tennis is such an individual event.
It is in these team events that players find they have an extra level to their game.  This is because you are now playing for your team, your club and you don't want to disappoint.

This is something Djokovic has credited for his recent run of good form.  By helping Serbia win the Davis Cup following some amazing games, where he had to dig deep, he found a believe in himself and his game to realise he can win no matter who the opponent.

Now don't get carried away, I'm not comparing any of you to Djokovic, but within everybody is another level if you really believe and hopefully some of you find it this weekend.

Enjoy the finals and good luck to all the teams involved.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The String Thing - Coming soon to Maher Sports.

Fed up with having to move your strings back into place? Watch this!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Shared Access Information supplied by Tennis Ireland


Tennis Ireland is working with clubs to bring to their attention a significant commercial opportunity with a blue chip company called Shared Access (SA). Tennis Ireland originally approached SA because we feel that mutually beneficial agreements can be reached that would assist clubs in the development of their infrastructure and we have written to you all in the past few weeks outlining the scheme.

Shared Access

Shared Access is a private, well capitalised Irish company which manages communications infrastructure for wireless operators at major Irish developments such as Dundrum Shopping Centre, Dublin Port Tunnel and sports stadia such as Thomond Park, Musgrave Park amongst others. Shared Access has been the exclusive agent for the Government Office of Public Works which has responsibility for locations including Garda stations across the country. It is also rolling out lighting schemes for the FAI and telecommunication schemes for Topaz amongst others.

Q: What can clubs get out of participating in the scheme?

A: Should SA secure interest from Operators, clubs can expect:

- An annual rental income which increases with each Telecommunications Operator locating on site.


- A full set of Floodlights.


- A once off capital contribution


- The chance to win one of 3 trips to see the French Open, including flights, accommodation and one day’s entry to the Championship.

Q: How can clubs participate in the scheme?

A: By filling out the enquiry form following this link or contacting Shared Access on 01 6429888 or

Tennis Ireland Pin Numbers

Hi All,

Urgent notice for your attention:


As you will be aware at the beginning of this year's winter league campaign all participants are meant to have a "TENNIS IRELAND PIN NUMBER" in order for your results to be entered into the National Player Database . Having gone through the first phase of results (Round Robin Phase) it has come to our attention that some players still have not supplied their PIN number . Due to this reason not all results have been shown . It is necessary for "BOTH" players to have a Tennis Ireland Pin number in order for the results to be displayed in the National Player Database . If you have still not obtained your PIN number please do the following:

Please contact a club official to see if you have been registered (Club Captain or person involved in the organizing of your winter league team)

If you have not been registered by your club you can also register through the Munster Branch Web Site on ""

Or alternatively please contact a member of the clubs Senior Committee to get the club to upload their players



If you have any questions as regards any of the above please contact :

Conor O Callaghan,
E-mail -
Mobile - 0876882286
Ella McCarthy
E-mail -

Telephone - 0214812330


Munster Branch
Tennis Ireland

First counting event in the Babolat Cork Tennis League

Hi guys,

The first counting event of the Babolat Cork Tennis League 2011 is only a month away.

For those of you who don't know about this, it is a league (based on your results in each senior open) that will run from Rushbrooke Easter to Bandon Open at the end of the summer.

The leading male and female will receive for themselves, 2 Babolat rackets of their choice, a racket bag, clothing and footwear.

All you have to do is register. You can register at any stage during the season, but your results will only count from when you do register.  Get in early so you can accumulate more points.  For more information on the league and to find out how to register click here.

Rushbrooke is always a great event and this year will hopefully prove no different.  Players set out their markers for the season ahead and show people what they are going to be up against.

The tournament runs over the Easter weekend from the 22nd to the 25th of April and entries will be taken soon.

Any information regarding entries will be posted here as it becomes available.